MacDaniel II

The finest concealable hot-weather and light clothing rig available. The slim profile allows all-day carry with comfort.


  • Belt loops are mounted on a locking swivel for more carry options.
  • Different size belt loops are available for a secure fit on the belt width you wear. Two sizes provided with each holster.
  • Roughout design provides a firmer carry than a slippery smooth finish. The smooth side is turned inward for ease of draw and reduced wear.
  • High relief hand molding gives perfect weapon fit. A high site track clears tall front sight blades.
MacDaniel II

Each of these Holsters Features...

MacDaniel II

Torque Plate

A spring steel reinforcement plate is contained within the rear flange. This prevents 'foldover' of the flange. More importantly, it creates a stiffened paddle over which the belt lays when the holster is worn. This pulls the butt of the weapon up firmly against the side. My Sig .45 goes away under a loose shirt.

Steel Hardtop

A full band of steel prevents the collapse of the holster top when the weapon is withdrawn. This allows a one-handed return without having to look at, or wrestle with, the holster.

MacDaniel II

MacDaniel II

Belt Loops

These are available in 1.75", 1.5", and 1.25". All snaps are directional to prevent 'popoff' when the belt pulls against them. Extra belt loops $5.00 each.

Locking Swivel

The mounting screw must be loosened before changing the loop angle. There is a toothed washer between loop and holster to prevent 'spin'.

MacDaniel II


MacDaniel II

Body Shield Option

On some weapons the sharp bits come a little close for comfort. This leather shield stands between the side and the top of the slide, but leaves the grip area clear for a full hand grasp.

Thumbreak Option

Many people who carry a single-action weapon request a strap to block the hammer. The plate of the thumbreak also acts as a partial body shield.

MacDaniel II


With Open Top $105.00

With Bodyshield $115.00

With Thumbreak $125.00