Andrews Notebook Holster

Andrews Notebook Holster

This system gives the user the combination of a practical working notebook and a method of carrying a weapon ready for immediate access. This is perfect for business wear and 'shirtsleeve' weather.

Each book is built of heavy leather and lined in the spine and covers with light steel to prevent curling with use. The light leather holster sleeve and magazine pouch velcro out for easy weapon changes.

Andrews Notebook Holsters - S/M/L
  • Left or right hand
  • Black
  • Cordovan
  • Tan
  • Initials (add $1.00)
Made To Order
  • Small Notebook Holster
    (9" tall, uses 8.5" paper)
    Fits short autos: Colt Ofc., Glock 19/23, etc.
  • Medium Notebook Holster
    (10.5" tall, uses 9.5" paper)
    Fits most large autos:Colt Govt., Sig, M-92, etc.
  • Large Notebook Holster
    (11.5" tall, uses 11" paper)
    Fits same weapons as medium book
Andrews Notebook Holster


  • Handstrap on spine anchors book to supporting hand for drawing weapon
  • Double pen/pencil pockets
  • Pocket for business cards or calculator
  • Large pocket for loose papers
  • Rigid page gaurds for notebook paper

Slimline Notebook Holster

Made To Order Slimline Notebook Holster - side and top view, held

The slimline model uses a slide-in spiral pad rather than a ring binder. The spine is only 2" wide rather than 3" as the full notebook rig is.

Double pen holders are included on inner spine.


Micro Notebook Holster

At just a shade over 7" tall, this rig is built to carry most of the popular .380 autos and 5-shot 2" revolvers.

A single pen holder is set on inner spine.

Made To Order
Micro Notebook Holster - drawing weapon   Micro Notebook Holster - hand held view, closed


Small: $500

Medium: $575.00

Large: $650.00

Slimline Small: $450.00

Slimline Medium: $525.00

Micro: $400.00