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Each item's price may be found at the bottom of its catalog page. Note that these represent the stock base price for an item - any custom work or finishes will increase the price accordingly.

Available finishes

Dark oil finish provided as standard finish. All other finishes are made to order and the wait time is longer.

Payment Options

We can take your order by mail or by phone using VISA, MasterCard, Personal cheque or C.O.D.

Stock on Hand

Those holsters that we have found to be most popular and regularly ordered are kept on hand in fully assembled but unmolded and uncolored condition. When an order is placed we go the rest of the way to finishing it.

This takes time. There are only a couple of us handling hundreds of orders: this is the only way to keep stock on hand at all.

Read the note below about custom orders.

Items marked   Made to Order
are custom orders. These are not kept on hand but are scheduled for a production run when ordered. There may be considerable delay in making such items due to regular production commitments. Expect to wait some months. We promise the wait will be worth it!
You will be notified by email when your order is ready and has shipped. Please do not call repeatedly asking about your order, as this only slows us down in actually filling it.

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