Pocket Holster

These fitted sleeves are shaped to fill the pocket and keep the weapon upright while they also break up the outline to prevent 'printing'.

The roughout finish keeps the holster in the pocket when the weapon is withdrawn. The skirts are molded on a curve to lay flat to the leg.

Pocket Holster

Wallet Holster

Wallet Holster - drawing
Wallet Holster

For low-key carrying of smaller auto pistols this holster is very handy.

The square profile of the shield faces the outside to prevent 'printing'. The holster is welted below the weapon to prevent the weapon's shape from showing through.

The finish is roughout to grip the pocket and retain the holster.


Pocket Holsters

Small autos (KelTec 380): $50.00

Medium (J frame revolvers): $60.00

Large autos (Glock 27): $70.00

Wallet Holster