Saddle Style Holsters

These holsters are so named due to their inspiration from making saddles. As a saddle is contoured to closely fit the withers of a horse, so I build these on a curve to closely fit the shape of a hip.

The outer holster leather is larger than the body side. This creates a perfect pocket for the weapon's shape without distorting when worn.

Saddle Holsters - Thumbreak and Tension Hold
  • Fully suede lined
  • All hardware covered or counter-sunk
  • Full length molded sight tracks
  • Thumbreak and Tension Hold models available
Crossdraw Saddle - weapon holstered

Crossdraw Saddle

With a slightly reversed angle this model carries and conceals well. Popular with people who spend a lot of time seated.

Tension Hold only.


$125.00 Small (plain finish)

$135.00 Large (plain finish)