Springbreak Shoulder Holsters

Springbreak Shoulder Holster - close up

For those who prefer a vertical carry, we offer this fast, spring-reatained model.

Instead of pulling a long weapon up past your chin to clear from a bucket-type holster, with this holster a firm outward pull releases through the fully open front.

We make our springs with plenty of tension, but a safety strap (removable) may be added.

Made To Order
  • Available as Solo or Monarch rigs
  • Fully suede lined
  • Directional snap on belt anchor strap (won't pull open)
Springbreak - drawing weapon
Springbreak - backstrap view

The backstrap on this design comes to the back of the holster, not up to a slot in the dog-ear. This pulls the holster back and inward for steadier wearing.



Under6" Barrel from $375.00

Over 6" Barrel from $425.00

8" Barrel from $475.00


w/ double mags or loaders, add $130.00

w/ triple mags or loaders, add $170.00