Hybrid Saddle Holster

This model is a hybrid of the original Saddle design with it's high, close ride - and the full cutaway IPSC saddle for speed of draw. The lowcut front allows the draw of a long weapon such as a government .45 with the ease of drawing an officer's model.

To prevent leather stretch from letting the weapon hang away from the body, a full length spring steel reinforcement is incorporated down the front of the holster. This equalizes the belt's inward pull along the entire forward edge.

Hybrid Saddle Holsters - Thumbreak and Tension Hold
  • Available in thumbreak and tension hold
  • Fully suede lined
  • All hardware covered or counter-sunk

  • Cutaway around grip for fast whole-hand access
  • Adjustable tension retainer for added security
  • Full length front spring steel reinforcement
Hybrid  Saddle Holster - tension retainer and spring reinforcement


From $195.00 (plain finish)